The Wretch Omnibus

Written and Illustrated by Phil Hester & Friends


OmahaBound and Phil Hester present THE WRETCH OMNIBUS!


Collecting EVERY Wretch story and presenting: The Night of the Flying Telephone Poles - a new story written and illustrated by Phil Hester in 2018 specifically for this collection. The Wretch Omnibus is nearly 400 pages with 25 stories and bonus material.



A Passage in Black Graphic Novel - Kickstarter

Stories by Cullen Bunn with an amazing line-up of writers and artists


A Passage in Black Graphic Novel was successfully funded on Kickstarter November 8, 2018.


Here is a link that shows the various formats and rewards.


Here is a link to a video.





Letter 44 Curated Edition

Written by Charles Soule • Illustrations by Alberto Alburquerque

LETTER 44 CREATOR CURATED EDITION collects all 35 issues of the award-winning series in one custom bound volume. Curated by the writer and illustrator, this edition also includes several unique extras such as a “Letter 44 reproduction” and a new illustration by Alberto Alburquerque


Limited to 44 volumes bound using the actual comics


Each volume includes signed extras by

Charles Soule and Alberto Alburqueque




$220 including US shipping

The Falling Man Omnibus

Script: Bruce McCorkindale • Layouts: Phil Hester • Finished Art: Bruce McCorkindale


THE FALLING MAN OMNIBUS is a comprehensive collection of material that features the new, full color re-vamp of the story, a graphite edition of the revamp using scans of the original pencil art, previous versions of the book published by Image Comics and Caliber Comics, and a wealth of bonus materials.


229 Page HC Edition Available Exclusively from OmahaBound

Limited to 30 Numbered and Signed Copies with Original Sketch ($40).


Allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

A Passage in Black & Other Stories

Written by Cullen Bunn • Illustrations by Tim Mayer


A Passage in Black & Other Stories collects 27 stories; 8 never-before published and 19 only released in small press. Accompanying the stories are 23 illustrations by illustrator Tim Mayer. These stories are back-woods horror, creepy, and terrifying tales that only Cullen Bunn could tell!


Trade Paperback: $18.00

398 Pages, Cover by Tim Mayer


Available on Amazon!

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Books created by Tim Benson & David Banks


Books created by OmahaBound to showcase the care and attention they bring to each custom binding project. OmahaBound is known for their creative curated projects done for both comics pros and fans alike.


OmahaBound helps comic collectors turn their comics into hardcover books using a variety of bookbinding methods. All profits are rolled over into supporting new projects.


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