A gallery of art from artists Stan Sakai, Matt Kindt, Phil Hester, Brian Hurtt, Allen Passalaqua, John McCrea, Eric Gapstur, Bruce McCorkindale, Jeff Koterba, Paul Trap and many others, including a selection of work from Omaha area artists.


The Panel Exploration Workshop featured discussions on the art of creating great comic books from idea to script to illustration and beyond. Guest speakers included Stan Sakai, Phil Hester, Cullen Bunn, Eric Gapstur, Jeff Koterba, Bruce McCorkindale, and Allen Passalaqua, as well as guests from the University of Nebraska. Followed by a keynote speech from Stan Sakai. Panel Exploration program featured extended information about the craft of comic books and their creation and concluded with a meet and greet with our Workshop guests.


OmahaBound would like to thank all of the individuals and organizations that helped make Panel Exploration a success:


Krypton Comics, Legend Comics and Coffee, Hot Shops Art Center, Bruce Shedd of Konica Minolta, Single Bound Studios, Jeff Lawler, Max Riffner, AE Stueve, Rick Hiltbrunner, Chase Magnett, Jeremy Johnson, and many others for all of their assistance.


And last, the biggest thanks of all goes to the Worst.Comic.Podcast.EVER! For early support on their show, brainstorming on the event itself, contributing to the program text and copy editing, moderating parts of the workshop and keynote, hosting recordings with guests, and for all the things they did which we failed to notice, OmahaBound says thank you!


Check out their podcast and great programming at https://worstcomicpodcastever.com/