The Matt Kindt MIND MGMT creator curated two-volume set consisted of issues provided by Matt himself and bound under the direction of OmahaBound and Matt Kindt.


The two hand-sewn volumes contain issues 1-36, 0, and a newly produced issue containing stories found in Dark Horse Presents and assorted comic strips.   Other features for these half-bind, hand-sewn books with custom die stamps included a library check out card and solid color end sheets. Each set has signatures and sketches by Matt.


This creator curated edition was limited to 20 sets and is sold out!

OmahaBound produced an initial prototype of this two volume set. From there, with Matt's direction, OmahaBound worked with Signature Bindery to make changes and tweaks to create the final version. With the final version approved by Matt, OmahaBound handled the marketing, sales and fulfillment duties.

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