"I couldn't be more proud of the partnership I've formed with OmahaBound. We worked together on my collection of short stories, A PASSAGE IN BLACK, and both the trade paperback and the limited edition hardcover they produced were like works of art.


They genuinely care about the production values of these projects, and it shows.


That means a lot to me, because selecting a partner who cares as much as I do is a big deal. I can't recommend OmahaBound more highly."


Cullen Bunn

"There's nothing better than working with someone passionate about their craft, and that's what I've experienced with Tim and Dave at Omaha Bound.


They both have a long history with comics and the craft of book publishing, which makes them uniquely qualified to create very specialized, one-of-a-kind projects.


I intend to keep working with them as long as they can stand it."


Bruce McCorkindale

"The Omaha Bound team provides unparalleled attention to every project. Be it custom publishing, event coordination, or editorial coordination, David and Tim always exceed expectations. As an artist, OmahaBound is an organization I trust implicitly with my most cherished creations."


Phil Hester

Welcome to OmahaBound!


If you are a comic pro looking to make something unique you’re in the right place.


We specialize in creating unique ways to showcase distinct work. Or, we make cool books!


How It Works


You email us, something along the lines of, “Hey, I wrote this book and I want to make a fancy edition.” From there we brainstorm together on how to make a sellable product.


How Much does It cost?


Little to nothing. If we take on the project we also take on the costs. You might need to ship us some items or something like that, but that’s about it.


Sounds Too Good?


Yep, we only do a few projects a year in order to finance them.


Get Started


Email us, FB Message, Twitter, etc. and let’s make some awesome books!




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