The Falling Man Omnibus

Written by Bruce McCorkindale • Illustrated by Phil Hester and Bruce McCorkindale


The Falling Man Omnibus is a comprehensive edition that contains a totally revamped update of the original story that has been re-penciled, re-inked and computer colored. It also contains a graphite section scanned from the original pencils and includes the versions published by Image Comics and Caliber comics along with many extras.


Final proofs are being reviewed and purchasing details to be announced soon!

A Passage in Black & Other Stories

Written by Cullen Bunn • Illustrations by Tim Mayer


A Passage in Black & Other Stories collects 27 stories; 8 never-before published and 19 only released in small press. Accompanying the stories are 23 illustrations by illustrator Tim Mayer. These stories are back-woods horror, creepy, and terrifying tales that only Cullen Bunn could tell!


Trade Paperback: $18.00

398 Pages, Cover by Tim Mayer


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The Wretch Omnibus

Written and Illustrated by Phil Hester & Friends


Partnering with Phil Hester, OmahaBound offers the first ever all-encompassing Omnibus. The Wretch spans the entire length of Phil’s career and showcases many of the great writers and artists Phil Hester has worked with. Collecting EVERY Wretch story as well as an all-new story written and illustrated by Phil Hester!


The Wretch Omnibus is all ready to go with the exception of the new 12 page story. When the new story is available we will proceed with production.


Purchasing details to be announced soon!

OmahaBound Projects 4-Sale on eBay

Book created by Tim Benson & David Banks


Books created by OmahaBound to showcase the care and attention they bring to each custom binding project. OmahaBound is known for their creative curated projects done for both comics pros and fans alike.


OmahaBound helps comic collectors turn their comics into hardcover books using a variety of bookbinding methods. All profits are rollw3ed over into supporting new projects.


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